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MAC – The Business Baller

Mac has spent his career as a practitioner doing and building not only his own companies but also many others as well. Mac is not an educator just teaching about concepts but a no holds barred real life doer. He is one of the most sought after business consultants in America and Asia.

Transform your business

He has personally lost $100’s of thousands getting educated and developing and compiling these “school of hard knocks” strategies, action plans and money-making opportunities, so his clients could make millions. And now you can profit too.

Ultimate Solutions

He is well versed and experienced to not only get a product from an idea to selling in the market but more important is his unique ability to gauge an opportunity and be the catalyst to maximize it and make it a win-win for all parties.

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Ultimate Solutions & Services Transform Your Business

Mac offers a variety of business services in order to help you maximize your greatest asset – your revenue producing business – with the number one objective to maximize your personal wealth in the shortest possible time.

Coaching & Consulting

Teaching you how to make at least 10 times more for you and your business.

Veterans Only

Special help for Veteran-owned small businesses

Business Innergizer

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Stan HaynesClient

“Just one powerful strategy could be the difference between struggling to pay your bills to living on easy street.”

Bill DaiClient

“Max has ignited our business. Our sales were declining and our markets were shrinking. He made the connections and we have brought in over $8 million in sales in nine months.”

Chris KingClient

“We were getting ready to lose our building. Max implemented a strategy where we saved the property and started growing our business.”

John LassoClient

“In just under 3 years of working with Max we went from zero to over $15 million with a strong bottom line. From a product idea to one selling in the market, to clearing regulatory hurdles, to strategic marketing and even acquiring a competitor. It has been a fast, hard profitable ride.”